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My name is Iwein Reimerink, I am an artist in the making with a Bachelor of Art and Technology ‘Design for Virtual Theatre and Games’ from the HKU, Utrecht, Netherlands.

In my ideas and designs I combine interaction, animation and art. With art I mean the design of things, not just painting or computer art but also physical and theatrical design of objects and systems.With animation I mean 2/3d animation and real life moving sculptures. With interaction I mean, installations, scultptures, games, story-lines and theatre, reacting and changing to the input of the viewer, thus making the ‘viewer’ a ‘user’.

All this I try to combine with my own imagination as an artist, thinking that combining disciplines will produce something new, something bigger, than before.I am skilled in a diversity of 2d (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) and 3d (3ds Max, Unity3d) design software programs and programming as well as a craftsman in working with metal, wood and electronics.

This combination of skills makes me at home in both the digital domain and the real world and enables me to formalize the concepts I design and also makes me a good all round team player that can communicate with different sorts of specialists in their own language.