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BA Art&Technology, Design for Virtual Theatre and Games

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Utrecht (2007-2011)

learnt skills such as: 3d modelling, animation, rapid prototyping, photoshop, coding, drama, storytelling, interactive technology
theatre history, gamedesign, group work, project planning and excecution, development as an artist
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International Summerschool in Character Animation

Gobelins l' école de de l' image, Paris (July 2018)

masterclasses and workshop for (character)animation professionals, getting to know aspects of the film industry up close and personal and generally ‘upping my animation game’
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Freelance artist- technician: iwein visual performance

Self-employed, International (2012 - current)

I create visual stimuli with a personality, across multiple domains and industries.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with the most amazing creative professionals to bring to life ideas for  theatre plays, films, live-events, concert shows, festivals, computer games and many a project that defies categorization.

I use my skills as a VJ, illustrator, stage designer, character animator and flexible generalist to give shape to projects that have been amazing and meaningfull to me.

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3D character animator and MoCap integration

Douwe.works, Amsterdam (2022)

For a series of short films for end client Fabulous, filmmaker and director Douwe van der Werf approached me to help set up a “Motion Capture to cartoon character” pipeline in Blender. I dove into topics such as various Motion Capture hardware options, re-targetting the recording to a professional animators rig and writing my own toon-shader. Apart from these applied technical research topics there was also plenty of hand-animating involved
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3D character animator

Wispfire, Utrecht (jan 2019 - may 2020)

creating cutscene and non-linear, human character animation, for the narrative game ‘Herald
For this project I spent a lot of time in Blender 3d with an export pipeline to the Unity game engine
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Head Tech repairs and animator for Tovertafel

Activecues, Utrecht (may 2016- may 2017)

problem solving on-site for malfunctioning units, designing and making animated 2d characters for the Tovertafel games: tovertafel.com
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Workshop facilitator for students and professionals

Media and Performance Lab, Utrecht (jan 2014- june 2015)

guiding students and professionals in ‘pressure-cooker’ style workshops combining interactive technology with performance, digital media with psysical space through motion tracking, motion capture and various other input-output combinations: maplab.hku.nl
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Animator for explainer videos

Inkstrategy, Amsterdam (dec 2014- may 2015)

2d puppet animation from photoshop files with 3d elements for videos visually explaining complex buisness strategies for corporate clients
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Australia; VJ for Dragon Dreaming/EarthCore/Wild Horses/Tanglewood, stage build for Rainbow Serpent Festival

oct 2017- jun 2018

I was especially thrilled to meet-up and work with the guys from Flipzurd on the Rainbow Serpent Festival’s ‘Sunset Stage’. 
I got to know Flipzurd the year before on the build for Freqs of Nature Festival in Germany. The stage turned out great, you can see some pictures on their site: flipzurd.com
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Woodwork and projection Freqs of Nature, Germany

jul 2017

Great experience doing a festival build for a festival I’ve visited a few years before with various friends.
Pictures of the Bass Floor that we build can be found here
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Exploring Central Europe, Balkan culture and Turkey

oct 2015- feb 2016

A solo trip with a little Seat Inca that I converted into a mini camper/caravan.
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South Africa, Darling theatre festival with Matzer show

aug 2015

Around this time I often worked for theatre group Matzer who has Suitcase-sized shows that are just one actor telling a great story supported by some props, light and sound (therefore: me)
These shows where initially developed for playing in little township houses during the Darling theatre Festival and this time I got to join the company as the technician on a miniture tour through South Africa
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