Beginning of 2022 I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing set of freelancers, all coming together on discord as a kind of temporary film studio, on a set of 6 short films for Douwe.Works. The deadlines were very tight and we experimented with techniques that were new to many of us.
It’s the first time I have gotten to work with sensor based motion capture data as an animator.

For this project I cleaned the mocap data, hand keyed some character animations, did some compositing and scene animation on some of the films. I worked out the technical process of retargeting the recordings to our final characters and wrote a custom toonshader in blender to match the visual style of our 3d characters with the 2d, handpainted backgrounds and make highly adjustable lighting and texture choices.

Apart from being the animation specialist on this project I also had some team lead tasks, supporting new members to the team and making briefs and guiding externals.