His wall-mural being part of a guided-art-tour through the neighbourhood “Lauwerecht” in Utrecht, illustrator Munir de Vries approached me to help light it up and properly present his artwork to the public.

We decided to work with two projectors on stands as the mural is on the corner of the “Van der Hoeven Kliniek” building and I made a custom videomapping show, lighting up the mural elements in sequence in a way fitting to the story it embodies and making the characters come alive and grow before having a little fun with moving colours, outlines and trippy background animations.

Software used:

  • Photoshop
    • setting up reference photos
    • isolating shape elements
  • After effects
    • custom character animations
  • Resolume
    • matching video mapping
    • background animations

It was heavilily raining during the night of the guided tours but we managed to keep our equipment dry while the various tour-groups huddled and “wow-ed” under their umbrellas over the course of the evening