mixing up and beat matching that content show after show

Back in 2018 a buddy asked me if I would be interested to help this band called “Someone” out with a videomapping setup for use of their content during the show. Little did I know then what a ride this turned out to be!

For the next few years my schedule was and is sprikled with shows and tours with the band in the most awesome and unlikely places, everytime with a new challenge of “how do we do the setup this time?” “where to put the projector?” “would’t this architectural element be great for a custom video mapping?”

As band VJ I’m responsible for the projector and screens setup, videomapping and keeping the corresponding visuals (made by lead singer and fellow animator Tessa) in time with the music. Creating clips and mixing it up for when there is no dedicated material for a song yet or the architecture of the venue allows for something cool, creating deco for on stage and quitly singing along every song from behind my laptop during shows.